The choice between .NET Core and .NET Framework

I have a few friends (most are developers) who are starting a new project or even working on an existing project that have came across the following question:

Should I choose .NET Core or .NET Framework?

.NET Core

I would say that you should always go for .NET Core, if you can!

Actually, this shouldn’t be a very hard question if you know the ecosystem and the technical environment of your company and fell confortable aswering 5 questions that will lead you to the final answer:

  • Do you need and will you be able to share essencial codes, libraries, packages and data between the new project and the current ones?
  • Does your application (web/service) need to run on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, and macOS)?
  • Does your system need the best possible performance and scalability?
  • Does your team have experience and feel comfortable with .NET Core?
  • Do you need a docker containers support?

So basically if you have answered YES for all the questions above, go for .NET Core… and don’t forget that .NET 5 is coming soon!

Written on August 16, 2020